5 secret ingredients of a timeless kitchen

Ah, the kitchen. Arguably the busiest room in every household, and a place that radiates a homey vibe no family member can resist. This is truly unique space in your home, one that should serve a much greater purpose than just a room where you’ll slave over the stove or eat in silence – this should be an inspiring space filled to the brim with positivity, health, and happiness.

To evoke these benefits, though, you’ll want to spruce up the kitchen a little bit and maybe even tend to some smart redecorating. Here are the five secret ingredients that will help you create a timeless kitchen setting the entire family will love.

The neutral foundation

There are many ways you can make a mistake when designing or decorating your kitchen, but slapping a beautiful neutral hue on the walls sure isn’t one of them. Sure, in theory, you could go with any solid colour or pattern you like, but that might not be a wise long-term solution. Not only would you limit yourself when it comes to choosing complementary hues for the rest of the decor, but colours that aren’t white and off-white just don’t age all that well in a kitchen.

Think of it this way, when you put a neutral colour on the wall, you have the freedom to accessorize and decorate however you like, but the best part is that you can never get bored by your surroundings because it’s so easy to switch it up! Without having to change the foundation on the walls, you can easily reinvent your kitchen on the go.

The quirky accessories

Note, accessories and kitchenware are not necessarily the same thing. You can have plenty of complementary decor pieces strategically elevating the aesthetic appeal of the room without bearing any significant functionality. And that’s okay, so long as you don’t clutter the place up. When used in moderation and positioned strategically throughout, though, they can really bring an enchanting space to life.

Now, you can also choose kitchen accessories that are functional as well as beautiful. Start by decorating the windowsills with greenery such as decorative cacti and then move inward, placing mason jars with spices and dried ingredients on floating shelves, and make a statement with an ornate teapot overlooking the rest of the room from a glass-door cabinet.

The stylish cookware

The cookware you choose can have a profound impact not only on the functionality of your kitchen but the overall aesthetic appeal as well. Just think about it, would you display your skillets and works on an overhead rail if they were old, broken, and worn-out? Of course, not, the cookware you use should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and it should be a statement in the kitchen.

This is why contemporary brands such as Anolon are creating stylish cookware with a high durability rating in order to ensure every chef enjoys the cooking process as much as possible, but also in order to complement the design of the kitchen itself. It’s a great way to have all of your daily necessities close at hand without stifling the design.

Plenty of vibrant personality

Remember when we talked about the perks of a neutral foundation? Well, this is where these benefits truly shine. With a white or off-white base, you can go ahead and introduce some much-needed personality and flair into the mix by choosing colourful decor pieces. Before you do, start with the focal point.

There is rarely something as striking and beautiful as a vibrant backsplash, and this can be the kitchen’s focal point that will allow the rest of the decor to come to life. You have plenty of breathtaking designs to choose from, and one of the most popular options is the mosaic backsplash. These are made out of tile and they are protected by a glass cover to ensure nothing ruins this statement art piece.

Modern appliances in a retro setting

Retro appliances in a retro kitchen? Sure, that’s a viable option, but if you really want to create a timeless look that captivates the eye, you’ll try to build a beautiful symbiosis of the two seemingly opposite fronts. Sleek, modern appliances work wonderfully in a vintage or retro setting, as they can help disrupt the uniformity and bring a healthy contrast into the mix.

But what do you do when your kitchen is already sleek and modern with its radiant countertops and seamless cabinetry? Just flip the design around and put retro appliances where their contemporary counterparts used to be. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a modern cooking range as there are plenty of manufacturer’s nowadays that offer up-scale appliances in wonderful vintage exteriors.

The kitchen is a very special place in a modern household, and it has the potential to become the favourite room in your home if you choose to invest in a quick and easy makeover. With these tips in mind, go ahead and build yourself a timeless kitchen the entire family will adore.

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