5 Auckland Streets Reserved For The Elite

5 Auckland Streets Reserved For The Elite

These famous Auckland streets are some of the most expensive in the country, housing exclusive properties with the price tag to match. We took a look across Auckland City seeking out areas with massive HomesEstimates. Here’s a keyhole view into the life of the rich and famous.

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Paritai Drive

Paritai Drive Satellite

Sitting just above Tamaki Drive and right next to Orakei Marina, you’ll find the infamously dubbed ‘Millionares Row’. House prices are estimated well over 2 million for non-sub-divided land, and is one of the most controversial streets in Auckland. From the row over the building of a 40 Million Dollar mansion, to the apparent downfall of Paratai Drive, it’s no stranger to scandal. Can’t beat that view though.

Cremorne Street

Cremorne Street Map

Prefer to rub shoulder’s with NZ’s movers and shakers? Nestled in amongst Herne Bay, Cremorne Street has since overtaken thousands of Auckland streets to become the city’s most expensive street to purchase property on. Our HomesEstimates seem to agree. Just make sure that you like your historic homes, because local residents are determined to maintain the beautiful 1900’s aesthetic these homes have created. Make your bank manager sweat and say you want to move into Herne Bay.

Audrey Road

Audrey Road Satellite

With unbeatable views across the Hauraki Gulf, and close proximity to Takapuna, Audrey Road is another street famous for its pricey homes. Seaside houses on non-subdivided sections are estimated to go for well over 5 million dollars, so best start saving now if you’re pining for the North Shore waterfront life.

Arney Road 

Arney Road Map

Ahh, Remuera, home to fabulously large houses with fabulously large prices. While its not the most expensive road in Remuera, it definitely houses some of the biggest homes and sections in the area, some selling for over 5.7 million. Plus,  current PM John Key is just over the next ‘burb. He might get a bit ‘screamy’ though.

Ronaki Road

Ronaki Road Satellite

Location, location, location. Its a tried and true formula heard the world over when it comes to property. Ronaki Road, tucked in just behind Mission Bay’s main streets houses some of the most expensive property in the area. Large sections are estimated above 8 million dollars. So if you want to be able to walk to Mission Bay for an ice cream, you might have to become best mates with a banker or billionaire.

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