5 Advantages to Apartment Living

Thinking of downsizing or getting a foot on the property ladder? An apartment might be for you.


If the eclectic and busy life of the city is something you enjoy, then buying an apartment most definitely suits you. Apartments are usually close to transport hubs, parks, & fantastic entertainment opportunities.



Apartment buildings can come complete with terraces, gyms, & swimming pools. Sometimes these can affect the cost of an apartment though. These shared amenities can provide a nice source of apartment community & activities.


Security & Maintenance:

If you travel a lot for work, or leave to go visit family for a while, knowing all of your valuables are safely stowed away in a secure building can provide peace of mind. In the same vein, no more lawns to mow or houses to paint! Sure, body corp fees are a turn off, but house maintenance is not light on the wallet either.



Yes, technically you do pay more per square metre of housing, but apartments and houses differ entirely by location and land. A standalone house of 100 sq. metres in an inner city suburb  on 500sq. metres of land is going to be much more expensive than a 100 sq. metre apartment downtown.



The bane of every city is the parking. In an ideal world, our public transport systems would be able to take you from a to b in an efficient manner all around a city and its fringes. Our cities don’t have this luxury, so most apartments come with carparks. A bonus of these is that they are in a secure, locked facility only accessible by card-key entry. By contrast, houses typically have vast more options for parking, but are less secure than an apartment block.

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