April 8, 2020

Ailsa Dawson

Technology under Covid-19

Video-conferencing apps were downloaded an unprecedented 62 million times last week, reflecting a new normal in how people have reacted to the need to keep communicating when face to face is no longer an option. Now that real estate teams


Buying and selling property during the Covid-19 lockdown

New Zealand is in the middle of a unique situation, and it is likely to be stressful for all parties involved in a transaction. Be kind, and consider the needs of others when you’re communicating about a transaction. The Real

Steve Hart

Agents find ways to keep working

Open homes and auctions may be on the back-burner due to the Covid-19 outbreak and countrywide lock-in – but that doesn’t mean estate agents are sitting on their hands.  It’s tough going though with the people unable to move home