6 Duvet Cover Sets To Freshen Your Bedroom For Summer

There is no better feeling than jumping into your bed with fresh new bed linen right?


Summer’s on our doorstep, it’s the perfect opportunity to freshen up your sleep haven with new season bright and bold colours, patterns and textures.

With so many designs, trends and hues to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the perfect bedding to suit your space and taste.  We had a chat with Logan and Mason to find their top 6 picks that can transform any bedroom from drab to fab!

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Pictured: Norfolk Teal duvet cover set, Ombre Coral throw and Balmain Orange european pillowcases, Finch Navy square cushion and Norfolk Teal european pillowcases.

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The Tropical Paradise

Embrace the heat and transform your bedroom into a tropical oasis. Think features like lush palms, overprinted tonal oranges, subtle yellow flowers and botanic greens for summer vibes.

Make it pop with an on-trend bright orange throw and lush european pillowcases. For a softer, more relaxed bedroom paradise, try accessorising with hues of organic blues, and subtle teal.

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend a smooth pina colada to top it all off… lovingly prepared by someone else of course.




Pictured: Davinci Istanbul Navy duvet cover set, with Preston Gold and Preston Cadet european pillowcases. Preston Gold bed runner. Tempo Gold round cushion.

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The Master Bedroom

Looking to create a regal master bedroom fit for royalty? Navy and gold is in (was it ever out?) and royal navy loves the summer light.

You could carry on the navy/gold theme with your pillowcases, cushions and bed runners, or experiment with other metallic tones in silver and bronze for even more opulence.

A Turkish delight is our treat of choice enjoyed in this room at sundown.



Pictured: Logan & Mason’s Taeo Navy duvet cover set,  Ombre Citrus throw, and Balmain Yellow european pillowcases

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The Beach Bach

Looking to liven up the bach bedroom or a teen/kids space? Chevron patterns paired with lively yellow accents will bring the summery feel. Left a little messy, like the jandals near the front door, beds don’t have to be made perfect.

Depending on the decor in the rest of your room an orange or teal cushion would look fab too.

This bright setting is best enjoyed with a cool summer breeze, and your favourite tunes. There should a surfboard in that room somewhere.



Pictured: Private Collection Lidia Saffron duvet cover set, Langley Linen throw, Panama Natural square cushion, and Lidia Saffron european pillowcases

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The Garden Party

What does summer feel like to you? If it’s a stroll in your local gardens, then bring those floral outlines and saffron splashes inside.

Keep it serene with tonal silvers and neutrals, or bring some bang to your garden party with more saffron, bold burnt oranges, and even bright greens.

Enhance the whole bedroom with an iced green tea, and singing tuis in trees nearby.



Pictured: Private Collection Fitzroy White duvet cover set matched with other neutral coloured accessories, and coordinating european pillowcase and cushion
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The Minimalist

Clear the clutter and clear the mind. Invite summer by inviting more room into your dream space (or space into your dream room).

Crisp colours and subtle patterns bring a touch of depth. Match with other neutral coloured accessories, or keep it simple, crisp and white. Minimalism works to brighten any space.

For ultimate relaxation, we recommend sharing this setting with your favourite, ridiculously cute, sleeping pets!




Pictured: Hamilton Ink duvet cover set, Langley Navy throw and Navy and White cushion and coordinating european pillowcases and cushions.

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The Bachelor Pad

For a man-cave masterpiece, go with bold stripes and lineal motifs.  With detailed patterns, you can absolutely get away with little to no accessories, perfect for the bachelor pad.

If you’re going to add some bits, try a white or navy throw, and plain white, navy or gold cushions.

This is a spritz of aftershave, and a scotch on the rocks style setting.

How To Do The Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Whether you’re planning to renovate your kitchen before selling your home or you want to style it up for your own needs, it’s important you carefully plan this renovation.

With a plethora of creative ideas available online, it’s easy get carried away and let this project go out of control.  Create a great plan that will meet your needs and your budget, and you’ll be able to have your own dream kitchen.

Figure out your budget

Kitchen remodelling can be quite expensive, so it’s important that you stay within your budget limits. However, investing a bit more can pay off in the long-run.

You should start by evaluating the current state of your kitchen and then determining what really needs to be changed. Don’t forget to include the costs of labour, materials and any additional expenses. Make sure to put some money aside for unexpected costs, they will turn up!

Don’t overestimate your skills

While us Kiwi’s love DIY it’s better to hire experts for major renovations. If you’re planning to tear down a wall and create an open floor plan, professional help should be sought along with checking council guidelines. You can risk a lot more than just damaging your own home.

Undertaking certain projects on your own risks making mistakes that can cost you more than hiring a professional in the first place! Always ask potential contractors for references and experience.


Find a functional layout

Finding the most functional layout that will fit your space and accommodate your cooking habits is the most important thing for a kitchen. If your current  layout isn’t practical, you can rearrange your cabinets,  avoid moving your stove, refrigerator or sink because you’ll need to change your wiring and plumbing system as well.

If you have a spacious kitchen, you can opt for L- or U-shaped layout with a kitchen island where you can prepare food or dine.

As for a smaller kitchen, you should design a layout that will enable you to move around and have plenty of space to prepare food.


Invest in durable materials

When choosing materials for your kitchen you shouldn’t hesitate to splurge. Investing in high-quality, durable materials will pay off in the long run because you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. This is especially important for your countertops because they are exposed to the worst of the wear and tear.

Choosing beautiful hardwood floors is always a classic choice that will elevate your kitchen design. Consider investing in internal door configurations that will keep unpleasant cooking smells, (burnt toast anyone?) within your kitchen area. In addition, internal glass doors can be an unexpected addition to the style of your kitchen.

Add plenty of storage

Storage is one of the most important kitchen elements that will help you maintain a clean, organised look. From open shelves to antique cabinets and multifunctional furniture, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Experiment with finishes to give your kitchen a modern look. While a matte finish is suitable for a minimalist kitchen, rose gold can inexpensively add a touch of romance to your kitchen.

Think big, but go small

Even the simplest changes can make a big difference. You can replace hardware and faucets with new chic ones. Introducing decorative items that match the style of your kitchen will help give your kitchen the final touch, which is particularly important if you’re staging your kitchen before selling your house. This way, you can give your kitchen an inviting look and stunning visual appeal.