Suburb Expert For Real Estate Agents

We all know that the more targeted your advertising is, the more effective it is going to be; and there’s nothing quite like an independent recommendation.

Suburb Expert achieves both.

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About Suburb Expert

There are many ways to cut up the marketing mix, with psychographics, demographics, location and much more! It can get very tricky trying to market yourself to the right people.

Once you throw in the complexities of digital marketing, things can get complex indeed!

We think that when it comes to building a profitable brand it comes down to 2 simple things:

Timing & Credibility.

Steve Koerber has done over half a billion dollars of sales in Remuera. Some homes he’s sold 5 times over. Scroll down to find out how he used the timing and credibility of Suburb Expert to further grow his brand and gain more listings earlier this year.

Steve’s profile


In Steve’s words…

“Having dabbled with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for years, when launched Suburb Expert I was already in a good position to understand how powerful the concept was.

The previous month I had Google searched “Holiday Inn Rotorua” on my phone. For weeks-on-end the Holiday Inn advert popped  up on my screen, on various websites I browse regularly, inviting me to book a holiday. Holiday Inn was in my face!

So when offered me the opportunity to “popup” all over the internet in front of people who were proven to be browsing the Remuera real estate market – I was in boots and all.”

The Results

“I received about double the appraisal requests that I had received during the same month a year earlier.  Although I can’t attribute the flood of appraisals entirely to my adoption of Suburb Expert, I did notice more people referring to and my presence on the site.

The exciting thing is that these people are all “Remuera” focused, and even if each click didn’t result in an immediate listing, at least my name and reputation is top of mind more often online – thanks to the Suburb Expert product.

I’ve committed to the service for 6 months and will report in at the end of that period with more details about the effectiveness of this new service.”

How It Works

Hyper Targeting
We enable you to reach those who have the highest propensity to sell in your area. Any person who has done property research on in a suburb over the last 60 days is included. Compare this to the limited targeting you can gain on Google or Facebook alone.

Suppose someone searches for property data in your area. That person goes to a different website and is served an ad that independently recommends you as a Suburb Expert. Ads appear across any site that is serving Google powered ads, like the NZ Herald and Metservice.

Instant Credibility
Importantly the ad is not from you. Given our knowledge of your sales history, we’re comfortable to promote you as a proven agent. This type of credibility isn’t achievable via other forms of advertising.

For obvious reasons, Suburb Expert is only available to two agents in each suburb who have a well-proven track record in that suburb – in the form of sales records.


How To Signup

This is an invitation only product. Many suburbs are full, but a waiting list is available. Register your interest and secure your position below. There is no ongoing commitment and we offer guarantees around impressions gained.

Positions are allocated to proven agents on a first-in basis.

We have two packages, one where targeted impressions are capped at 50,000 for $500, and another for unlimited impressions for $900 exc. GST.


You receive a mid month basic report with your impressions and clicks, and a full report at the end of the month with useful insights about those who were tracked looking at your ads.

You can be invoiced at the end of month pro rata if required and taken from your current payment method 2 days after receipt of invoice.



Social Media 101: An Introduction For Agents

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Wechat or Whatsapp; Social Media has it’s quirks. This post will help motivate you to take it seriously.

We chatted to Andrew Duncan, and Roar Kristofferson, a couple of Real Estate digital marketing experts for some of their insights.

Key Insights

  • Social Media is ubiquitous. Ignoring it limits your ability to build engagement and credibility with potential vendors under 50.
  • People use it to learn and research (agents). It’s not just people catching up with friends.
  • Social Media is the best tool to prove yourself as a relatable, trustworthy person.


1: Social Media Is Incredibly Powerful For Real Estate Agents…Why?

Roar makes it clear that Social Media is beneficial to all aspects of a real estate business due to one simple fact.

It is where the consumer’s attention is. 

Check out this infographic from US company Mediakix

And this is what kiwis are doing online, with data from Nielsen

Social Media is clearly a major part of our day. Ignoring it limits your ability to build engagement and credibility with potential vendors.


2: People Use Social Media To Research Agents

While the prevailing attitude around Social Media is to see it as a way to catch up with family and friends, a way to pass some time; actual user behaviour on Social Media is changing. It is becoming a place of learning and research. Pew Research Centre showed just how important Social was to the voting public in the recent US election. It’s fair to suggest that most vendors will look you up on social before engaging. Are you relatable, professional and trustworthy through the lens of a Facebook search?

In America, Social Media Was Seen As The Second Most Popular Useful Source When Learning About The 2016 Election.

It’s not just the younger generation either. If you’re looking to sell  peoples homes who are under 50, you need to take social media seriously.

Social Media will have an effect on how your future clients perceive you. 

3: What Is The Opportunity?

The ethos behind Social Media is the chance to connect and share with one another in a wider format than via traditional means.

Social Media is a tool that amplifies your interpersonal skills. 

Great Real Estate Estate Agents use Social Media to: engage, entertain, & inform using great people skills. People do business with those they can relate to and trust. What better place to achieve this en masse?

Best of all, Andrew Duncan asserts that Social Media is cost effective and efficient when compared to traditional means. We’ll give you some tips to cost effectively build a local audience of buyers for your listing in our next post.


Top 5 Tauranga House Sales in 2017 So Far

Tauranga is one of the fastest growing regions in the country so it’s no surprise that house prices are starting to look impressive. We took a quick look at the top sales of 2017 so far.

Click through any of the images to explore that Homes’ sales history and estimated value.



5: 289d Ocean Beach Road, Mt. Maunganui $2.77M 

This sprawling home sits waterfront near the Mount. With a massive 232 sq. metres of property, its easy to see how it commanded such a massive price.


4: 45 Grove Avenue, Mt. Maunganui $2.94M 

Sitting just an ample walk from the beach this house sits on a large plot of land also. With water views and an expansive yard, this home got snapped up quick.


3: 3/19 Ocean Beach Road, Mt. Maunganui $3M

This waterfront property boasts an even bigger size of 285 sq. metres sprawled across an expansive section. It was sold in March this year, imagine the views!


2: 425 Cambridge Road, Tauriko $3.27M

This magnificent country homestead sold for an amazing sum. A mansion by most standards, its house size is over 359 sq. metres and it sits on a 3.3 acre site. Imagine the possibilities with all that space.


1: 94 Marine Parade, Mt Maunganui $3.6M

Another waterfront spectacle, this home was last sold 20 years ago for $825k. Another expansive mansion, this home boasts a 360 sq. metre floor area and of course, incomparable views.

Explore Tauranga House Sales Histories and Estimated Values Here