How To Change Your HomesEstimate

Sometimes The HomesEstimate is wrong.

We’re not afraid to admit it! Our HomesEstimate can’t see the presentation of your house, whether it’s had a kitchen remodel or a fresh coat of paint. That’s alright, we’re not looking to be the authority on market value (although sometimes we like to celebrate getting it bang on).

We understand an incorrect value is frustrating

So we’ve made it easy to change by using our agent appraisal tool, or by submitting a registered valuation.  Here’s a step-by-step guide.


First of all, you’ll need to login or register. It’s pretty easy if you haven’t signed up with us yet, just enter your email and a preferred password.



Then claim your home! Simply search your address on, open the property page & click “claim” down the bottom.



To access your Claimed Home space, click either of these buttons.




Click here to upload a registered valuation or recent agent’s market appraisal. You can also choose to show publicly when the house was appraised if you’d like.

Haven’t got a Registered Valuation or agent’s Market Appraisal? Read on…



6aSelect this option to request a market appraisal from a list of proven local agents in your area. We’ll recommend agents, ranked by how close their claimed sales are to your actual home. This means these agents are experts in your neighbourhood.




Once you receive your market appraisal from an agent you can upload it via the “Upload Valuation” space. There you have it! It’s as easy as that. Next month the uploaded valuation or appraisal will influence the HomesEstimate. Worth noting, your HomesEstimate doesn’t perfectly reflect the valuation, but it will bring it closer. So if you’re selling we don’t make public your agents expected value.

Bullseye! How Accurate is the HomesEstimate?

Here are some properties where the HomesEstimate hit the bullseye!

Our algorithm is always getting tweaked and improved so we thought it worth highlighting a few results that we are super proud of. Call it a little ‘pat on the back’ for the data team. We’re using technology featured on Back To The Future for these ones.



Pukekohe: 0.22% Difference

This home sits in one Auckland’s fastest growing Real Estate hubs, our HomesEstimate was able to get pretty darn close! The January HomesEstimate was $825k, & it sold for $821k.



Wellington: 0.35% Difference

Part of a terraced house & apartment complex, this sale shows how flexible we get when estimating. Our records show it last changed hands in 2006. This home had a HomesEstimate of $300k & sold for $310k



Rotorua: 1.4% Difference

Extending across the North Island a bit more, this home is an ideal first home. Click through to see what it sold for in 2011 as well! Its HomesEstimate was $220k & it sold for $223k

Of course some of our Homes Estimates aren’t this close, & errors do occur! We actively work with councils to reduce this, & if your HomesEstimate isn’t looking quite right, you can get an appraisal done & weighted against your HomesEstimate. If it’s seriously wrong, email & we’ll check that the data driving it is accurate.



The Apartment Hunter Tool

Buying an apartment instead of a house?

With prices rocketing past affordable levels for first home buyers in our metro centres, apartment living can be your first step on the property ladder.

We’ve segmented by floor sizes, carparks & decks to help guide your decisions. Take a look and see whether apartment life could be affordable for you!