Negative Capital Gains?

It’s not always as “safe as houses” in these districts. We take a look at some districts that haven’t recovered since the ’07 peak and the subsequent ’08 financial crisis.

This data was originally featured by Susan Edmunds

Aerial shots of Tongariro National Park, Ruapehu District. North Island, New Zealand. Mounts's Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngarahoe. Emerald lakes

Ruapehu District -11%

Containing Taumaranui & Ohakune, this district has seen a dip since 2007, from $146k – $130k. The small strip in Ohakune is brimming with life in the winter months so maximising the summer travellers could be a way of revitalising!


Wairoa District – 19%

Sitting at the northern end of the Hawke’s Bay region, Wairoa dipped from $135k to $109k. However, Wairoa has become a hub for Rocket Lab & space launches. Perhaps more of the high-tech industry will be moving here in the near future!


Waitomo District -20%

In the years since 2007, the Waitomo district has dipped from a median sales price of $175k to 140k. Te Kuiti as the stronghold of the region capitalises on the nearby Waitomo Caves.

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