15 Moving Day Life Hacks

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Time to move into your new home! Whether it’s big or small an exciting day awaits. Here’s a bunch of tips to help you make the day run as smoothly as possible.

It’s All About The Prep

A lot of the work to make your day smooth happens before you start moving any boxes around. Book in your strongest friends, hire the truck, sort the broadband, etc, etc. Procrastination will bite a mover in the bum on moving day.




Movers Insurance

if you’re moving an entire house worth of contents, moving insurance is important. If you’re using a moving company, check the fine print of their services & double check your home & contents policies with your own insurance provider to make sure you’re covered. There’s a fair bit of risk associated with a move.




Sandwich Bags For Loose Items

Sandwich bags are great for storing things like screws & other loose items that you need to keep compartmentalised. Throw them on the shopping list now. Get a sharpie too. Label them clearly & your moving day will be so much easier.




Beer Crates

The unsung hero of many a move, beer crates are a fantastic size to transport things like books then double as furniture while things are still on the move.



Make A List

Make a list of what’s in all your boxes so you never get stuff lost. Many a mover has desperately needed an item (toilet paper?) with no desire to unpack the remaining stack of boxes prior to discovery.




Colour Code

If you love stationary and colouring in books, get coloured tape or sticky notes for your boxes; it makes for easy co-ordination with your list. Green means kitchen, Blue in the lounge, etc! This will make sorting & unpacking easier with less need to scribble words on boxes.




Plan The Space

If you have the chance, plan the space where your items are to go in your new home. This will help in the co-ordination of boxes come moving day.




Wrap By Room

Co-ordinate with your colour coding & your list!




Wrap In Clothing

Towels, bedsheets, & clothes make great wrapping fabrics for delicate items like dinner plates & glassware.




Overnight Bag

Pack the essentials just in case you don’t have time to get through everything on the day.

On The Day

Now that you’ve prepped, it’s time for the big day! Here’s some tips to make your day sail by.




First Box In The Truck Goes In The House Last

Typically you want your biggest items to come out first, like your furniture & bedding, but consider how you want to unpack when you’re packing.




Unpack The Basics Of Bathrooms & Kitchen First

These are the most used areas of the home, so getting them up to speed makes the transition easier. We all gotta eat!




Unpack By Room

This will make you feel more accomplished! Breaking large goals into smaller goals makes your move easier.




Smoke Alarms & Mains

If you haven’t done this already, you should test all of your smoke alarms and find out how your mains switch works. If you’re renting, your landlord should have a bunch of these all in operating order. Details here




Reward Your Crew

Assuming you have your friends & family helping you out on the day, always reward the crew with a good spread. No doubt you’ll be repaying the favour some day soon, so set the precedent and reap the rewards down the track.



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