(1)2(7) Hours From Auckland

We look at what house prices are two hours from Auckland.

Dreaming of long summer days? So are we. Our friends up in Auckland are notoriously known for clogging up state highways for what feels like 127 hours around holiday time so we take a look at what they might be paying for a potential holiday home.



A pristine slice of land between Tawharanui Peninsula and Leigh, Omaha houses are priced for the elite. Newer builds & seaside facing homes are estimated over 3 million dollars. Pity they don’t have more Fish & Chip shops close by.


Clark’s Beach


Ok, this one is technically still in Auckland. However, tucked in the south end of the Manukau harbour, you’ll be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Prices are relatively reasonable for this area with this little stunner going for 540k. You’re also close to the wild west coast beaches which include Hamilton’s Gap, a picturesque spot with stunning cliffs.


Great Barrier Island. New Zealand.

Great Barrier Island! The last vestige of ‘untouched’ Auckland. Most homes here run with diesel generators and many supplement their livings with fresh seafood. House prices here are a steal at 362k. This one is cheating though. Great Barrier Island is definitely over 2 hours away from Auckland by ferry, but it is a half hour flight from the airport.


Lang’s Beach


Another spot that has surprisingly large estimates on homes. The view is fantastic, but most homes are well above 800k, which is priced out of reach for most

Wait, what about the Coromandel?

question mark coromandel

Oh, don’t worry about that, we’re still compiling data on the fantastic homes in this area, with corresponding HomesEstimates & sales histories. We all know how much Aucklanders love to head down that way for the holidays. Watch this space.

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